About Us


DAM Whitepapers is a repository of reports and documents written by DAM professionals. The facility has been established by Digital Asset Management industry journal, DAM News and includes a number of publications written by vendors, consultants and others with specialist knowledge about Digital Asset Management and related subjects.


You can search for whitepapers using the built-in keyword search and view an abstract or summary without registration. To download reports you must be registered.


Many reports are offered free of charge, however, some may require payment to access. The contributor of each paper can elect to be notified with your contact information when a paper is downloaded but you will be offered the opportunity to decline that request and not progress the download if you prefer.


The copyright of all papers is retained by the authors and/or publishers. You must obtain permission before you can reproduce any intellectual property submitted by a contributor on behalf of an author and/or publisher.

Contributing Papers

If you wish to submit a paper, you can apply to become a contributor when registered. If approved you will then be able to upload reports. These are reviewed by administrators who decide if they meet the editorial guidelines.

Our policy on any report submission is as follows:

  • All papers must be more than adverts for a given company, product or service.
  • Single product papers (e.g. training guides, case studies or any report relating to a single product platform) will not be approved.
  • Any papers which are potentially libellous or derogatory will not be approved.
  • Reports which use non-copyright cleared images that are properly licensed by the publisher will be deactivated.
  • Papers must usually be at least 1,500 words in length and cover subjects in depth.

A full contributor guide, including details for getting automatic download notifications via email and postback URLs is available to registered users.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards non-copyright compliance and will deactivate accounts and/or documents that are the subject of suspected intellectual property infringement until the issues have been properly investigated.