Why marketers need digital asset management to grow their brands

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Anna Cotton


Contributed by
Neil Monahan

If you invest in your brand, you increase the value of your company. A bold statement but one which is inherently true.

Brand building is all about managing the customer experience. Whether that is through your products, packaging, price, advertising communications, website, email marketing or sales personnel. Each time a customer interacts with your brand, that experience defines who you are, how you operate, and how you're different from your competitors. The messages and imagery in these interactions have to be managed consistently.

This can cause headaches for brand managers trying to manage brand assets, protect their brands and ensure a unified message. Disjointed file management and manual processes for searching and distributing marketing assets lead to ad-hoc, inefficient processes and can waste up to an hour of a marketer’s time every day.

In this white paper we explore how implementing a digital asset management platform will benefit marketers, how it can strengthen brand communications, and ultimately grow company value.

You will learn:

What digital asset management is
Why managing digital assets (images, videos, logos, marketing artworks, brand guidelines ) is so important
Why you need to use a digital asset management platform
What to look for in a digital asset management platform
How to calculate the return on investment

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