How to make sure your DAM gets used: A User Adoption Toolkit

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Anna Cotton


Contributed by
Neil Monahan

You’ve selected your vendor. You’ve purchased your new digital asset management platform. You’ve implemented it. But you are struggling to get your teams to use it. Why?

The question of how to get your teams engaged with and using your DAM system is a step that can often get overlooked by businesses getting started with new software. That’s because in many cases, the focus is on the buying and implementing of software.

But it’s important to remember that success is not defined by delivering the project on time and on budget. It is defined by how many employees then sign up and use the new platform on a daily basis, over its lifetime.

Any organisation will struggle to see a successful software implementation unless user adoption has been thought through, designed and executed.

So, how can you ensure that the audience for your DAM system understands what it’s there for, how it will improve their working lives, and why they should use it?

We’ve created the Brandworkz User Adoption Toolkit to help you outline your user adoption strategy and to plan through the process of promoting your new digital asset management platform internally so that it gets used.

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