Digital Asset Supply Chain Management For Marketers Course

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Ralph Windsor


Contributed by
Ralph Windsor

While the core principles and conventions of Digital Asset Management have changed comparatively little over the last decade or more, the context within which DAM technology is used has been transformed significantly. The driving force behind this paradigm shift is the concept of the Digital Asset Supply Chain, particularly as it relates to the origination and distribution of marketing content across different digital channels.

This course will explain the different stages of establishing, managing and continuously improving a digital asset supply chain for their own organisation, whether you have prior experience of Digital Asset Management or Digital Asset Supply Chains or are just starting to learn about the concept.

This was originally offered as a webinar in 2019, the webinar overview has more details:

Please note that this download package contains video, Powerpoint and Word document files.

This course is free for DAM end-users and DAM News Premium Subscribers. Vendors, consultants and those involved in the supply of DAM-related or image/photo management services will be charged a fee of $299.

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