How To Buy Enterprise DAM Systems

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Ralph Windsor


Contributed by
Ralph Windsor

If you are looking to purchase an Enterprise DAM System either to replace one you already have or having never attempted the exercise before, you need solid advice from an expert who has been through the process many times before.

This special report has 30,000+ words across 86 pages of actionable information and includes an example vendor brief, RFP and demonstration brief. It has been written by Ralph Windsor, a consultant with 25 years’ experience exclusively in Digital Asset Management working for global multinational clients.

Ralph has worked on both the vendor and client sides and has a deep understanding of the full DAM delivery process and how to ensure you can navigate the many pitfalls with both ease and grace.

DAM End-Users (excluding vendors, consultants, service providers and investors) can request a $100 discount code by emailing: Put "How To Buy Enterprise DAM Systems Report Discount For DAM End Users" in the subject line.

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