Enterprise DAM Checklist

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David Diamond


Contributed by
David Diamond

The Enterprise DAM Checklist discusses DAM technologies that are required for enterprise-scale digital asset management. Though authored by Picturepark personnel, what you�ll read in this 45-page document applies to all DAM systems.

Topics include:

1. Databases -- Are they all the same?
2. Multi-tenancy -- Do you need to serve multiple departments or clients?
3. Clustering -- When does cluster-based scalability become a requirement?
4. SOA -- What is a services-oriented architecture and why does it matter?
5. Web Services API/SDK -- How can you tell a modern API from an antique?
6. LDAP -- Does your organization need centralized user account control?
7. Granular Permissions -- How can granular permissions actually make a DAM easier to use?
8. Usage Statistics -- Find out which stats are really most important for your organization.
9. Unlimited Web Access -- Without unlimited Web access, user licensing costs can skyrocket.
10. Metadata Flexibility -- Metadata is everything when it comes to enterprise DAM. Find out how metadata schema flexibility can help you build a content-focused DAM that users will actually appreciate.

Written in plain language that anyone can understand, this document is a great primer for those who don't really want to know all this stuff but need to know it in order to make a better DAM software purchase decision.

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